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When I first started theRubz project in 2014, my brand vision was to combine personality and fashion. We want to embrace the simplicity of a fashion item, that matches the complexity of every person.

Our line of products has countless combination possibilities, that enable our customers to match every characteristic style. We still offer our elegant bracelets in a vast variety of nuances and sizes. Our newest collection of bangles come with replaceable background panels, calling for creativeness to set its mark. Soon we will release our latest collection of bags, made by eco materials, where you can replace handles that matches the style of your mood.

We acknowledge our responsibility to conduct ourselves for the better. That is why we have distinctively incorporated concepts of sustainability in our strategy. Historically, the fashion industry has had spiraling problems, that has left footmarks on the environment, with the everchanging dictating leading trends in our society. We want to integrate reusable, interchangeable and recyclable fashion items in our daily lives.   

The next step on the road is to integrate charitable donations as a part of our business expenses.

My dream is that theRubz develops in such a way, that it can make a difference both individually, and collectively.

Lastly, I would like to thank all our amazing customers for the encouraging support you have shown TheRubz as well as the growing interest on social medias.

Martin Larsen, Founder

Every year we involve ourselves in the fight against cancer, we are especially active in the "pink week" which focuses on the tragic subject of women dealing with breast cancer.

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