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the Rubz is a design and trend setting enterprise, with focus on a timeless sense of luxury, durability and originality.
the Rubz bracelet is one of the hottest Fashion items in the US, Canada and Middle East since spring 2014, with major success on several markets and now the Rubz want to enter into Europe, with its stylish design and functionality.
On social media the interest has reached thousands of followers.
Our strategy is to cover all parts of our geographical market by cooperating with top dealers and distributors, and distribution contracts have already been signed in several geographical markets.
We really look forward to serve our clients, with constant product development and new designs, because the Rubz is a movement, which never stop…
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Every year we involve our selfs in the fight against cancer, we are especially active in the "pink week" which focuses on the sad subject of women hit by breast cancer every year. In 2014 in cooperation with famous dancer Claudia Rex we designed a bracelet especially made for the pink week. The profit of the bracelets went uncut to cancer support and we managed to raise a great amount of money.

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