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What is The Rubz jewellery made of?

On the main collection, the base material of TheRubz jewellery is natural silicone and/or 316 grade stainless steel.

An important factor is our packaging. We use regenerated wood for our boxes and Stainless steel tubes, made from waste.


What is the jewellery plating made of?

On the main jewellery collection, we use highly advanced ion plating techniques normally used in the watch industry. One great advantage of ion plating is environmental consciousness. Water contamination through waste water, is avoided or kept at an absolute minimum. This plating ensures that you and your The Rubz jewellery can spend long time together.

Silver plated: Silver coloured ion plating

Gold plated: Gold coloured ion plating

Gun Metal plated: Ion plating, looking like darkened black metal


How do I maintain my The Rubz jewellery?

Do not spray perfume directly on the silicone and metal

Should your jewellery get wet, dry it immediately with a soft cloth

The black oxidized surface gets worn off after a while, but can be re-oxidized by a goldsmith.

The gold plating may wear off after a while, but can be re-plated by a goldsmith.


How about international law concerning nickel, cadmium, and lead?

All our suppliers test qualities used in our collections regularly in internal laboratories. The process is followed closely by The Rubz’s local Quality Control, at the supplier's factories. In this way we secure that all international laws are followed as well as EU regulations concerning heavy metals and The Rubz jewellery does not contain e.g. nickel.

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