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Pixel20mm - Antrazite & Silver

The Rubz

€45.00 €49.00

Pixel20mm - Antrazite & Silver, The Rubz

The Rubz

€45.00 €49.00

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Pixel 20mm

After months of careful planning our designers has come up with the Pixel Design, which has been met with even greater appreciation from our customers than we dared imagine. The Silicone is uniquely woven together with the Steel links to create a bracelet as no other.
We are proud to present the Pixel Bracelet as a part of our portfolio and call this unique bracelet a theRubz product.

•100% elastic colored silicone
• Silver-plated 316-Grade Stainless Steel.

Width: 20mm

Circuit: Small: 17cm

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Helena R.
I like the design and color

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